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We build technology to promote medication education, adherence, and independence.

America is in the midst of an epidemic: prescription nonadherence. The increasingly complex substances meant to aid our health do more damage if not taken as intended. This problem costs Americans their good health and is a strain to the healthcare system.

Nursly is creating cognitive tools to educate patients on their prescription regimen while still in the hospital. By leveraging game learning techniques, patients will implicitly retain relevant information about their medications which correlates to increased adherence and reduced hospital readmissions. Through increased patient education and adherence costs are reduced to patients, insurance providers, and the healthcare system as a whole.


  1. streamlined digital health education

    The better educated a patient is on their medication regimen, the more likely they are to adhere to it. This places doctors and nurses in a difficult situation as they try to service increasingly more patients.

    At nursly we are creating cognitive tools utilizing game learning principles to engage and educate patients on their prescription regimen during the typical discharge procedure. This will allow doctors and nurses to remain efficient with their time to service many patients without potentially sacrificing patient well-being after hospital care.

  2. real-time patient risk analysis

    Each and every day patients are moved through the discharge process where they are briefly educated on their prescriptions. Through the natural haste and eagerness to leave, gaps in education can arise resulting in misuse after hospital care.

    Nursly aims to provide an engaging learning experience while tracking patient progress. Inconsistencies are flagged as they arise over certain aspects of the patient regimen education and can be passed onto medical staff.


Finding our best placement within the hospital setting.
Exploring health-related game learning techniques.

Find statistical validation and effectiveness of the system.

Fully HIPAA compliant system.

  1. 01. Research & Development

    Finding our best placement within the hospital setting.
    Exploring health-related game learning techniques.

    Nursly was recently accepted to the Venture Accelerator program by way of Colorado State University. This is a year long program with business mentorships, networking, and workshops.

    During the incubation program our development team will be exploring game learning techniques and working with our medical partners to develop a prototype education tool.

  2. 02. Patient pilot study

    Find statistical validation and effectiveness of the system.

    With our basic education and data access techniques dialed in, we'll continue to improve the user expience for both patients and physicians.

    Our service will be deployed on site at pilot study locations aimed in Texas and Colorado. Patient participants will be tracked and evaluated on readmissions and information retention.

  3. 03. Security

    Fully HIPAA compliant system

    Patient data security is the top priority of nursly.

    From our storage logistics to delivery protocols we implement security best practices to keep your information safe.


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